The Older People’s 
Participation Co-operative

During 2015 Change Agents entered into partnership with East London Radio (ELR) producing Age Speaks. This is predominantly a weekly, pre-recorded talk show, hosted by Mervyn Eastman, discussing issues related to age and ageing.

Not surprisingly Mervyn uses the show to promote the Change Agents, and hence, a more positive narrative about growing older.

Through Mervyn’s conversationally based style, guests discuss a wide range of issues related to age and ageing, with co-operative values and principles explored and promoted.

Mervyn’s guests have been quite high profile but in addition, and the real purpose of our programme, is to hear the voice of Older People.

A very popular aspect of each programme is the music choices of each contributor which makes for an informative, but also entertaining show.

Ian Chambers, Co-founder of ELR and producer of Age Speaks says " The Age Speaks programme sits in our top listener decile of programmes, attracting a regular and growing audience of listeners"


East London Radio is a not for profit radio station, giving the area a voice and people of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity of a pathway into radio, media and personal development through training and mentoring. 


The station was founded by Aaron McCarter and Ian Chambers, both of whom have worked in the third sector radio industry


With radio studios in five different London Boroughs and support from radio industry professionals, and local MP's, East London Radio is fast becoming the most diverse and inclusive radio station, covering an area of 3.3 million people.


ELR is committed to age diversity, hence its support to the Change Agents Voice programme via Age Speaks and being web based, makes it accessible throughout not just the UK but world wide

Now we’re into our Second Series and you can listen to any, or even all of the shows to date by clicking on the links below:

Age Speaks